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The pandemic challenged us in ways we never imagined. In two years of creatively adapting to the challenges of a global pandemic, our Loyalist College community has demonstrated that our caring, people-first culture is part of our DNA. 
February 2020

Operation Cupcake Delivery!

500 cupcakes, made by Loyalist College Culinary students and faculty, were delivered to Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Trenton for Canadians in quarantine.

“Food brings people together. Loyalist College, and the Bay of Quinte region, is known for its caring and compassionate community. This is our way of saying we’re thinking about you, that you’re not alone, and we hope you can return to your families and loved ones very soon.”

Chef Karin Desveaux, Coordinator of Loyalist’s Culinary programs.

MARCH 2020
March 2020

PPE Donation

Loyalist College faculty and staff responded to local PPE shortages by donating thousands of items, including masks, shoe covers, gloves, gowns, caps, protective glasses, sanitizer, and N95 respirators to Quinte Health Care.

“When you call a partner because you really need help, it’s music to your ears to hear them say, ‘Anything you need – we’ll be there.’ Loyalist did that every time. They have reimagined themselves as more than an academic institution of excellence; they have become an essential community partner on which residents can rely.” 

– Stacy Daub, President and CEO of Quinte Health Care.

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Finding Room(s) in the Region
When students at Loyalist’s residence were unable to return home during school closures, student leaders, Residence staff, the International Team and more worked tirelessly to secure hotel rooms and ensure each and every displaced student was cared for, with access to food, supplies and supports to lean on.

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Aramark Keeps Up Morale

When Ontario entered a state of emergency and the majority of College employees began working from home, Aramark provided free meals for essential employees who continued to work on campus.

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Nursing Faculty Called to the Frontlines

Faculty members Nicki Armstrong (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) and Patricia Munroe (Practical Nursing) were called upon to assist those in quarantine and become part of a multi-disciplined team of health care professionals under the authority of the Public Health Agency of Canada at the NAV Centre in Cornwall and CFB Trenton. They compassionately provided the support needed and rose to the physical and emotional challenges that come with working in such unique environments. 

April 2020
APRIL 2020

Culinary Faculty & Students Support Local Food Security 
While teaching in the College's Culinary programs, Chef Albert Ponzo teamed up with Food to Share, a Prince Edward County-based organization that distributes healthy meals to local food banks and families in need. Loyalist Culinary Management students Courtney Gaudet and Noah Rudderham worked alongside the team to help prepare healthy meals for distribution.

Paramedic Students Graduate Early to Help on the Frontlines

Loyalist Establishes Campus Garden 
Loyalist College broke ground on a 3,500-square-foot garden at its Belleville campus to increase access to locally-grown fruits and vegetables for students struggling with food security.

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Bancroft PPE Donation

Faculty and staff at Loyalist’s Bancroft campus donated masks, shoe covers, gloves, gowns, caps, protective glasses, and sanitizer, as well as 174 N95 respirators, to Quinte Health Care (QHC) North Hastings Hospital. 

Face Shield Production

When faculty members Jeremy and Suzanne Braithwaite learned of a global face shield shortage impacting the Bay of Quinte region, they combined their skills and developed a prototype that could be made locally to protect health care professionals on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“For Jeremy and me, the frontline health care providers are at the centre of this initiative. Our intention is to support them, and this is the best way we know how to do that. This is our way to say thank you, and we will continue to focus our efforts in this direction. It’s the least we can do.” – Suzanne Braithwaite, Coordinator, Honours Bachelor of Science in Nursing program

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June 2020
June 2020

Supporting Displaced Workers, Job Seekers and Employers

Loyalist College Training and Knowledge Centre (LTKC), in partnership with Trenval Business Development Corporation launched a unique webinar series to help unemployed or underemployed individuals in the Bay of Quinte region build resiliency and transferable skills for entrepreneurship, self-employment and/or remote work. The free webinar series was developed in response to regional job losses resulting from COVID-19-related non-essential business closures. 

Weekly Radio Broadcast on Mental Health 

With in-person appointments and drop-in counselling sessions limited by COVID-19 restrictions, Loyalist College counsellors Cassie Richardson and Julie Millar found a way to connect with Loyalist students during the pandemic. Richardson and Millar teamed up with Loyalist College campus radio station 91X FM CJLX to create a weekly radio spot called ‘Loyalist Counsellors during COVID,’ which tackles common mental health problems among Loyalist students, and suggests helpful coping strategies for those in need.

July 2020
July 2020

Launch of Online Student Food Cupboard

Loyalist College strengthened its commitment to student food security by launching an online store for its Student Food Cupboard, making healthy, nutritious food more accessible to students who need it most.

“Our goal is to provide solutions to the challenges facing Loyalist students, from financial strain to food security.

The pandemic has been challenging for everyone and we continuously seek opportunities to be innovative and streamline our processes to provide timely student supports.”

– Mark Kirkpatrick, Senior Vice President, Corporate Services and CFO, Loyalist College

November 2020
November 2020

A group of 14 students from Loyalist College’s Carpentry and Renovation Techniques and Technician programs constructed a small insulated shelter at the Belleville COVID-19 assessment centre to give frontline workers a place to get out of the cold. 

Loyalist Students Construct COVID-19 Testing Shelter
COVIDScreenshot 2022-04-21 160753.png
December 2020
December 2020

Thomas Crowhurst Supports Students in Residence Over the Holidays

When students could not travel home to be with their family and friends over the holidays, Thomas arranged for local restaurants to prepare Christmas Eve dinners, Christmas Dinners, News Year’s Eve festive dinners, and more. Thomas also included our Residence Security Staff. With the assistance of our Residence Advisor, TJ Sampson, Thomas delivered the meals to our students and checked to make sure they were in good spirits during this very difficult time

February 2021
February 2021

Loyalist College Addresses Regional Personal Support Worker Shortage with Fully Funded Six-Month Compressed Program

When the Ontario government announced funding for an accelerated PSW program that would cover students’ tuition and other expenses, Loyalist College offered 120 seats in a new six month compressed program, helping to address urgent local needs for PSWs exacerbated by the pandemic.

March 2021
March 2021

As part of nationwide efforts to fight the spread of COVID-19 and move the region toward post-pandemic recovery, Loyalist College opened a Regional Immunization Centre on campus.

Thanks to the combined efforts of faculty, staff, students, graduates, and local health care professionals, Loyalist College’s Regional Immunization Centre administered more than 50,000 vaccines in six months.

Campus Regional Immunization Centre Opens
COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic_Loyalist College_March 1_2021-90 (6).jpg
September 2021
September 2021

Trenton MFRC & Loyalist College Host Drive-In Movie Night for Military Families

As part of Trenton MFRC's annual welcome to new military families in the community,

Loyalist College hosted a free drive-in movie experience.

Drive-In_Screenshot 2022-04-22 093438.png
December 2021
December 2021
NURSING DEGREE ANNOUNCEMENT_2021_Loyalist College_Bay of Quinte_Belleville_Ontario-14 (1).

Loyalist College Launches Standalone Nursing Degree

Loyalist College announced the launch of an Honours Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree program, offering students a unique opportunity to pursue a university-level credential without leaving the Bay of Quinte. The program will help train hundreds of new nurses who will make an immediate impact in their communities.

Paramedic Students Train to Assist with COVID-19 Testing

Loyalist College Paramedic students trained as swabbers in support of Public Health efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19. With this additional support, students helped get local Testing Centres running at optimal levels of 600 tests/day.

Assessment Centre_Belleville_Loyalist College-32 (2).jpg

Holiday Immunization Centre

To help address rising cases Loyalist College held an additional short-term vaccination clinic where 40 Loyalist College students, 4 Loyalist College faculty, and over 16 nurses from the community worked together during the holiday season to administer vaccinations.

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